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Anti-noise Measures for Connectors

This article focuses on connectors and noise. We will talk about measures that are effective in suppressing noises at connectors. What you are going to learn will be of much help in your design work.

As you know, there are two types of noises: radiation noise and conductive noise.
Radiation noise is further classified into two subcategories of noise in terms of a distance from a noise source.

  1. Neighborhood noise: It travels from a noise source to an element nearby.
  2. Distant noise: It travels from a noise source to an element distant from it.

Fig. 1 Classification of noises

Electronic equipment carries various devices, each of which generates neighborhood noise that affects other devices. This is called "autotoxication phenomenon" problem.

Higher signal transmission speed leads to a greater tendency for noise generation. As signal transmission speed gets higher and higher, the need of noise suppression in electronic equipment becomes greater.The basic anti-noise measures are to meet both EMI standards and EMS standards.


In electronic equipment, a connector is usually covered with a shield to protect the connector from incoming neighborhood noise.

Fig. 2 Example of a connector protected with a shield in electronic equipment

Covering a connector with a shield or grounding the connector is an effective measure to employ. However, since the connector is a structure that connects different elements together, covering the connector of such a structure with a shield is extra work that is difficult to perform.
And, from the space-saving point of view, it is better to avoid such extra work of covering the connector with a shield.

So, a connector as a finished product that is already protected with the above-mentioned noise suppression means, which does not require extra work, is prevalent there days.
Panasonic’s P4S Shield Type
 has a shielding and multipoint ground structure, which provides the connector with a simple anti-noise measure.

We have explained noise problems with electronic equipment and measures to protect connectors from noise. We hope what you've learned in this article will help you greatly in your device design work.