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How to select the travel of tactile switches

Switch’s travel indicates “The push depth (= length) “ when it is turned ON and that the travel can be classified by length into “short, medium, and long”.

This article introduces the advantages of switches classified by travel as well as use examples as a reference to help users select the optimum switches.

Please make good use of this information to answer questions such as "I understand that a switch’s travel is classified into three types. However, which type should I select?" or "Which travel type is adopted for switches used in commonly available products?"


<Short travel>

Meets these needs
- Switches that allow quick push operations are preferable when the need for continuous switch operations is assumed!
- Stylish and flat surface design is desired even when a switch is attached to a device!

Advantages of short travel type switches
- Their short travel and short push depths facilitate continuous push operations.
- The switches are slim and can be used in devices with a flat surface design.

Best suited for products such as;
ICT devices, hearable devices (wireless earphones), electric appliances, documentation devices, and measuring instruments.

Application for short travel switch



<Medium travel>
Meets these needs
- Switches preventing user fatigue are favorable even during frequent push operations!

Advantages of medium travel type switches
- The length of a push back after such switches are pushed (= travel) is moderate, thereby allowing users to feel less fatigue even during frequent push operations.

Best suited for products such as;
Computer mice and amusement products.

Application for medium travel switch



<Long travel>

Meets these needs
- Users want to avoid operational mistakes, such as "I thought I pushed the switch, but couldn’t" and "Part of my body hit the switch, resulting in the unintentional pushing of the switch"!

Advantages of long travel type switches
- The long travel of such switches provides a clear push operational feel, making them suitable for preventing erroneous operations and allowing blind operations.

Best suited for products such as;
Electric appliances and automobile products.

Application for long travel type switchApplication for long travel type switch

Users usually push such switches unintentionally. However, great importance is attached to the designability of switches, which are increasingly required to provide functions to prevent erroneous operations because they are in areas seen and operated by users.

By all means, please take advantage of the features of each travel type switch in accordance with the products to be designed.