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What is the travel of tactile switches?

This article deals with the travel of tactile switches, which is a point to take into consideration for the push operations of such switches.

In general, the term stroke, which is synonymous with travel, is frequently used to mean a stroke in swimming, tennis, and golf. However, the term stroke (travel) of a switch indicates the push depth (= length) when the switch is turned ON, namely the travel distance covered by the push plate from a position where it is not pushed to a position where it is fully pushed.

The travel of tactile switches


There are three different types of switch travel, namely short, medium, and long depending on the push depth. Note that the travel and size of switches tend to have a direct proportional relationship. For example, a longer travel requires the switch to provide a sufficient push distance to enable switching operations, therefore requiring a larger switch size.


▼General category of travel

General category of travel


▼Comparison of switch sizes by travel shown in Panasonic products

Comparison of switch sizes by travel shown in Panasonic products

You can see that even switches of the same type have such a difference in external size depending on their travel length.

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One piece of information!
The name Light Touch Switch is Panasonic's unique product name. It is generally called a tactile switch, push momentary switch, etc.