装置性能を引き上げるMINAS A7

Meeting the need for further miniaturization and increased processing accuracy
Contributing to improved equipment performance

Semiconductor manufacturing process

In response to the demand for miniaturization and multi-layering of semiconductor chips, higher speed and higher
precision control is required in each manufacturing process.

Spin coaters


Chemical solutions are evenly spread by rotating the wafer.
The high-speed rotation contributes to increased thinness.

Max. motor rotational speed 7150 r/min

Dicing saws


By improving positioning accuracy, micro IC chips can be
formed from wafers.

Improved positioning accuracy

Chip transfer machines


Suppresses minute tip vibrations and realizes high-speed
pick & place of microscopic IC chips.

precAIse  TUNING

Bonding equipment


High-response load control prevents mounting failures and
damage to microchips during substrate mounting.

Sensor direct feedback (Pressure control)

IC handlers


Abnormal stops due to overloading are reduced, even when quick acceleration/deceleration is repeated under high load conditions.

Extending overload operation time

Substrate inspection equipment


The dual axes of the gantry mechanism allow for smooth, high-speed operation, enabling high-speed inspection

High-precision gantry control

Processing machinery

As products become denser and more sophisticated, higher precision control is required for all machines, even
those that process the individual parts making up the product.

Metal processing machines


The high-response servo can increase the gain, enabling ultra-precise, nanometer-order machining.

Encoder resolution 27 bit

Velocity response frequency 4.0 kHz or more

Laser processing machines


High-quality machining is achieved by correcting unevenness
with regard to height with a high level of responsiveness.

Sensor direct connection auto-focus control

Press machines


Operation patterns for
high-response pressure control
can easily be constructed
without a host program.

Block operation function

Injection molding machines


High-response pressure control stabilizes filling pressure
and suppresses filling defects and burrs.

Sensor direct feedback (Pressure control)

Pipe bending machines


Both position control and
pressure control are fully
closed within the servo,
achieving high speed and
accurate bending.

Sensor direct feedback
(Pressure control)

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